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The world is waking up to the energy and brilliance of LED technology. 

An LED Star Is Born. Can You Find Its Brilliance?

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Outdoor Or Indoor Use. Where does LED lighting really shine?


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PGA National Homes

It is no surprise that the homes surrounding this world-famous resort, are equally one serious and two, pristine. Surrounded by lush greens, tropical foliage and relaxing waterways, these PGA National homes are crafted and appointed in the European traditions and styles. Attention to every detail from custom designs to one-of-a-kind imported materials has been carefully observed. PGA national homes for sale are among the most highly sought after in South Florida.

The resort even has its own pro shop to provide you with all your golfing needs and prides itself on beautiful decor in the luxurious clubhouse locker room, complete with spacious and opulent seating areas. This fitness centered resort also prides itself on its health and racquet club, a 33,000 ft. ² fitness center boasting a multitude of ways to work out. The club has a full range of memberships available providing you with access to five tournament ready golf courses and three practice ranges. These can be enjoyed all year long. This pristine golf resort has hosted some of golf’s most memorable moments, amazing victories and sensational plays. This pristine resort is fully matured and is just one of the unique and amazing benefits of living in this year-round vacation style community.

Lloyd Ecclestone developed the greens of the PGA National Resort and Spa in 1981. Here at PGA National Resort and Spa you will find an unparalleled world-class European spa, five championship Palm Beach golf courses and seven spectacular restaurants. PGA National Resort and Spa is more than just the corporate headquarters and home of the PGA. PGA National Resort and Spa provides an impressive and exquisite blend of both elegant and casual dining. Enjoy sumptuous dining while overlooking the practice greens and linger longer in this paradise.

From healthy nutrition conscious food, the freshest seafood and the finest quality steak and drinks in the hip lobby i-bar. PGA National Resort and Spa offers world-class cuisine. The Ironwood Grill offers contemporary American cuisine and boasts a vast wine list. Covering 40,000 ft. ², a hidden oasis is dedicated to pleasure and rejuvenation. Providing more than 100 body and skin care therapies and salon services in a luxurious, pampered atmosphere. Reward yourself by lavishing in the healing waters from prized locations of the Dead Sea in the one-of-a-kind collection of outdoor mineral pools in this multimillion dollar European-style spa.

Echo Fine Properties is a real estate agency in Palm Beach Gardens. See all the PGA National homes for sale online any time without obligation.

LED Flood Lights, The Outdoor Story

Because of LED Flood lights, the lights of the night sky over metropolitan areas of America are changing. Twenty, no maybe twenty five years ago, the lights over cities like Los Angeles lit up the night sky, reflecting white light from the base of fog, cloud cover and marine layer. Then the sodium vapor light began taking over and within a few years, black and white became a sullen brown and amber wash over both landscape and sky. Sodium vapor reigned over US and foreign cityscapes for three decades until finally, a new technology emerged. LED lighting created the most pure and brilliant white light in the history of outdoor flood lighting. Streets are still in transition but they are returning to real full spectrum lighting. White light is showing up not just on the streets but the skies above too.
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LED Flood Lights Proliferate

What will happen with this advent of LED Lights on the streets and buildings of our cities?

Many buy LEDs to light up their yard because they know LEDs are environmentally friendly and use little energy. But have you noticed how people seem to put up more and more strings of LED Christmas lights every year – until they might have ten times more LED bulbs than they used to have incandescent bulbs?


Are people simply adding more demand as LED lights make lighting cheaper? The government’s answer in 2015 was to somehow deploy another 10 billion LEDs throughout the world in markets where the primary fuel is kerosene and lighting is old school incandescent. This is to improve efficiency of power usage but it actually increases power consumption where it wasn’t used before, thus, increasing the world carbon footprint which is exactly the opposite of any government’s power mission. Oops!

Homes And Heavenly Luminaries

People have been noticing right from home, how certain luminaries have become more pronounced. Walk out your front door and you never know what you’ll see. Just after sunset if you take a visual sweep of the neighborhood, you’ll see the usual houses, parked cars and scenery but if you look up slightly to see that some of the planets have become brighter. This is particularly true of Venus which now can be seen in a crescent phase because it’s on a line between us and the sun creating the right angle and is also closer. September 2018 this one this effect will peak.

Planet Venus In The Sky

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LED Lighting Technology

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