Because of LED Flood lights, the lights of the night sky over metropolitan areas of America are changing. Twenty, no maybe twenty five years ago, the lights over cities like Los Angeles lit up the night sky, reflecting white light from the base of fog, cloud cover and marine layer. Then the sodium vapor light began taking over and within a few years, black and white became a sullen brown and amber wash over both landscape and sky. Sodium vapor reigned over US and foreign cityscapes for three decades until finally, a new technology emerged. LED lighting created the most pure and brilliant white light in the history of outdoor flood lighting. Streets are still in transition but they are returning to real full spectrum lighting. White light is showing up not just on the streets but the skies above too.
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What will happen with this advent of LED Lights on the streets and buildings of our cities?

Many buy LEDs to light up their yard because they know LEDs are environmentally friendly and use little energy. But have you noticed how people seem to put up more and more strings of LED Christmas lights every year – until they might have ten times more LED bulbs than they used to have incandescent bulbs?

Are people simply adding more demand as LED lights make lighting cheaper? The government’s answer in 2015 was to somehow deploy another 10 billion LEDs throughout the world in markets where the primary fuel is kerosene and lighting is old school incandescent. This is to improve efficiency of power usage but it actually increases power consumption where it wasn’t used before, thus, increasing the world carbon footprint which is exactly the opposite of any government’s power mission. Oops!