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Posted by Roland (Part 3) ( on April 17, 2004 at 06:31:05:

In Reply to: To Roland posted by Pangea on April 17, 2004 at 03:05:58:

“At least the Iraqis have liberty” I hear you say. Alas, it is liberty as dictated by the US Administration through its appointed Governing Council. Yes but at least now they have freedom of speech and the chance of real political representation. Well actually no, the Shia uprising we have seen in Fallujha, over the past week or so, was sparked by the closing down of a newspaper owned by the “notorious” Maqtada Al Sadr. Apparently Paul Bremer, Americas pro consul in Iraq, ordered it because he disliked what the paper was saying about him. That is the liberty the people of Iraq have experienced under US occupation. A number of times I have heard Bush say, hand-on-heart, that he believes what he is doing is right. This is despite the loss of innocent Iraqi and American lives. Interestingly, I recall from my Sunday School days the story of the pending destruction of Sodom, which I am sure most readers here will know. It is a story shared by the three major religions to emerge from the Middle East. As far as I understand, God promised Abraham that He would not destroy the city, even if just ten righteous people were among the Sodomites. Ironically and disturbingly, George Bush does not seem to be taking his lead from that example. Apparently the rule by which God operates is now superceded by that of the Bush Administration. Nevertheless, George Bush sees it as the right thing to do. Doesn’t that alarm you? Doesn’t it move you to say or do something as a lover of true freedom?

Again I apologise. Although I don’t resile from anything I have said, I am rather upset by it all and it reflects in my writing. Forgive and forebear me. The number of things I have said on this sight over time I am expecting the CIA to burst through the door at any moment. Just kidding ….. I think.
Till next time.

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