To Mick (3)

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Posted by Roland ( on May 20, 2004 at 08:24:02:

Worse, the cry of “pre-emption” is a lame-duck excuse if ever there was, coming from the world’s only Superpower against a country of about 25 million, floundering under crippling economic sanctions and no evidence of WMDs to be seen. How could such extraordinary claims have been taken seriously? Face it Mick, the US wanted war with Iraq at any cost and for any reason. America was the bully here; it flaunted public and UN opinion, and it declared war on an innocent population – paramount to crimes against humanity and it enticed or coerced others nations to become complicit. Interestingly, the country to have had the greatest involvement in the development and USE of WMDs has been the US. And the US wonders why it is resented, why it is fast losing what little respect it has left.

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