More on the U.S. part 3

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Posted by Christian Scholar ( on April 17, 2004 at 12:54:55:

You see Roland, you can't just make these outrageous charges with just brush comments. You want to convince a U.S. citizen who has "blind patriotism" as you say, you have to "show me da money" so to speak. Where are these imperialistic ventures that this present administration is spouting off. Or is it just anti-U.S. propaganda that is GUESSING they believe this behind close doors (thus turning it into nothing more than a conspiracy theory).

Don't get me wrong, I find many things wrong with Bush and this current administration. I don't like the way he is handling diplomacy with the borders issue and Mexico. I don't think he is being as considerate as he could be with the troops. But the stuff you are saying is not what I know from your past posts on other issues. You were more intellectual, more reasonable, even when you disagreed. But here you seem to just flow with far left propaganda, and that saddens me.

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Subject: Re: More on the U.S. part 3


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