To Pangea on fulfillment part 5

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Posted by Christian Scholar ( on April 17, 2004 at 21:26:34:

Catholic Church remove all the “anti-Biblical” stuff added to the doctrine of salvation and concerning the Church. There is a LOT of extra-Biblical doctrines added to the teaching of the church, that you cannot find anywhere in the Bible. Now, when you were saying that people interpret the Bible all sorts of different ways, OK. A true, confident study of Scripture will give you at least two to three of the best interpretations. But when there is stuff added to doctrine that has absolutely NO FOUNDATION in Scripture whatsoever, then that is not an issue of interpretation, but extra-Biblical doctrines (or, as the Catholic Church calls it, Tradition). That is what the Reformers were crying out against. That is why the “Protestant” churches came into being. Just as Jesus cried out against the extra traditions added and even “exalted” over the word of God (Mark 7) so many of these extra-Biblical doctrines of the Church was not only seen as from God, but even exalted over the Bible when the Bible showed contradiction.

Well, my friend, I will get back to some more of your points later, got to get back to work.

Christian Scholar

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Subject: Re: To Pangea on fulfillment part 5


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